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The purpose of this course is to give those in ministry a framework to understand coaching and the tools to implement it within their ministry and discipling context.

Whether is in in the context of building a leadership pipeline, delegating ministry to others or discipling those they are responsible for, it is clear that a major part of a pastor’s work is enabling and equipping people for works of service inside and outside the church environment. This often involves having the ability to coach staff and lay people across the congregation to assist and encourage them to achieve desired outcomes.

This workshop is focussed on equipping pastors and lay workers to support people, as we serve our Lord together. It’s focussed specifically on how to coach people, through ministry tasks whilst also supporting them, as fellow Disciples of Christ.

By ‘coaching’ we mean the act of working with, or supporting someone in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Usually, coaching is done ‘one to one’ but could be done, in a group setting. Of course coaching on a specific goal is a subset of the overall development and care we have for that individual.

As Christian leaders we recognise that any meeting is an opportunity to encourage someone in their faith, and therefore, we assume that Christian coaching will also focus on the discipleship of the person with whom we are meeting.

Coaching is also a critical element of delegation – or multiplication of ministry. It can often mean the difference between helpful and unhelpful delegation. Coaching is part of what we do, throughout ‘the delegation of a project or task’ to equip, and encourage the person to whom we have delegated.

Given the relationship between coaching and delegation, we recommend you pair these units together. We recommend completing the coaching unit first. Having learned and practised the skills associated with effective coaching we believe you are in a better place to learn and apply those skills as you complete the Delegation in Ministry Course and plan to delegate specific tasks.

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what good coaching would look like,
  • Think about the objective for coaching those you coach,
  • Learn a simple approach / methodology for coaching (NB we will look at one approach of which there are many); and
  • Experiment and try with the coaching methodology in a safe environment.

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