Delegation in Ministry

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The purpose of this course is to give those in ministry a framework to understand delegation and the tools to implement it within their ministry context.

At the end of this unit participants will:

  • Explore a biblical context to delegation;
  • Understanding the key principles of effective delegation;
  • Have a clear understanding of what good delegation looks like;
  • Learn a simple approach/methodology for delegation;
  • Identify some tasks that are appropriate for delegation in your ministry;
  • Build a plan to delegate a real life task to an identified person, including the selection process and how to best delegate that task;
  • Prepare an action plan to demonstrate how delegation will work in your context.

Coaching is also a critical element of delegation. It can often mean the difference between helpful and unhelpful delegation. Coaching is part of what we do, throughout ‘the delegation of a project or task’ to equip, and encourage the person to whom we have delegated.

Given the relationship between coaching and delegation, we recommend you pair these units together. We recommend completing the coaching unit first. Having learned and practised the skills associated with effective coaching by then completing the Delegation in Ministry course you will then apply those skills as you delegate projects or tasks.

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