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Strategic Planning is a topic that many authors have written about and can seem quite complex, especially to do it well. In this course we seek demystify some of the complexity, and to help Church Leaders:

  • Gain a better understanding of strategic planning
  • Clarify the benefits to the church under God of strategic planning
  • Provide a few simple tools to guide you through the strategic planning process

We provide a simple structure that can be used as the basis for a strategic plan, and work though each of the main elements required for a successful strategic plan.

Our introduction to Strategic Planning opens with the statement; “this is a team sport”. Very few (if any) strategic plans are successfully developed and deployed by a sole individual. The development and deployment of plans can be a powerful tool in building awareness, developing alignment within teams and members, and growing an increasing sense of purpose within the church and ministry.

Australia’s National Church Life Survey (NCLS) has identified a direct correlation between church growth rates and members understanding of the specific purpose, and delivery method of ministry, within each church’s unique context. In additional to building purpose a strategic plan will provide direction on how that purpose will be fulfilled and how best to steward resources, both time and financial, towards that purpose.

During the course we work through the elements of a strategic plan, and investigate how they can be applied within a church context.


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