We can support you and your ministry with resources and a range of tools which can assist you and your church to build resilience and effective ministry as you seek to live your life for God.

Facilitated Workshops

All leaders, churches and ministries can benefit from clear direction.

Our Facilitated Ministry Workshops and Strategy Alignment Sessions are designed to build clarity, increase engagement & improve implementation among church leaders and members.


Church Assessment

A process specifically developed in conjunction with our partners for a Church Leader to assess and diagnose priorities for leadership, measuring and tracking their effectiveness in disciple-making both personally and across key church ministries.

This is a survey and diagnostic based approach which explores the leadership and discipleship of Church Leaders and assists to explore and assess the major ministries across church life.

We believe the National Church Life Survey (NCLS) is a wonderful resource for church leaders and therefore actively work with churches to review and compare their NCLS results to assist churches to focus on priorities for church health and opportunities to drive the mission.

We are continually seeking to research the effectiveness of churches and so as part of the Church Assessment process we would greatly appreciate you allowing us to add your data results to our database for future use to provide statistical norms against which other churches can be assessed.


Personal Visioning

Aligning who you are, what you say and what you do. This tool challenges you to recalibrate your leadership as you work to build the culture that transforms the promise of your ministry into an authentic and ongoing experience that delivers.

This recalibration with strategic intent, delivers powerful results turning individuals into leaders, ministry teams into ambassadors and stakeholders into supporters.

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Reminder Training Videos

“Just Before You…”

Our training goal is to support you in implementing effective ministry.

That’s why we have made available these short videos to remind you of the key points from our training courses, just before you implement them.

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