Pastors Inner Circle Program

Pastors’ Inner Circle is a unique collaborative group-mentoring program developed for pastors looking to develop their leadership capacity, sustain a growing life with God, whilst developing meaningful and supportive relationships with other pastors in your network.

It’s likely that you’ve been to the conferences and read the books, but now you are looking for people to journey with and help you mature even further as a spiritual leader.

The group works closely together in intimate and confidential group setting to develop leadership capacity, solve challenges and explore ways of deepening our relationship with God. Every group member is committed to sowing into your life and seeing you grow and expand your soul and your leadership.

Groups are kept to a maximum of 12 people and are expertly and professionally guided, bringing input, facilitation and group coaching throughout the process.

Components of the Experience


Delivered through multiple sources:
– A Group coach
– Participation
– Guest speakers

Action Reflection

The coach will help participants to reflect and apply the learning and discussion to their situations.

Hot Seat

Each participant gets to outline an area of opportunity or challenge they are facing in their work (or beyond if desired) and allow the group to coach them through the issue.

Informal Support

Over a meal and through other interactions you will build up your support network.


The leaders will be provided the opportunity, if they choose, to be held accountable in high leverage areas on a monthly basis.

The Format

Pastors’ Inner Circle meetings will be held in the Sydney region. We kick off with an overnight retreat at Canisius Retreat Centre at Pymble on a Thursday evening and full day Friday, followed by three Fridays, one in each term of the year. We decide on the dates once we have a full cohort so we can determine dates that suit everyone.

Pastors Inner Circle is your own personal, private, specially selected board of advisors, who will help you grow your effectiveness as a leader, expose you to new ideas, encourage you in your relationship with God and create a network to call upon.

Pastors Inner Circle is for you if….

You are willing to challenge the status quo.

You are willing to hear, and where relevant, to accept other points of view.

You are ready and willing to ask for AND receive support.

You want to improve your overall performance as a leader and organisation.

You need a safe space to be with like-minded leaders to explore the challenges of leading a church and how to deepen and sustain your soul in the midst of the challenges.


We will focus on personal spiritual formation and organisational/leadership issues. The specific topics and emphasis is influenced by the group members needs and interests.

Four 1/2 day sessions a year focused on soul care & personal discipleship facilitated by Andrew Ranucci.

Four 1/2 day sessions a year focused on Leadership Issues facilitated by Craig Farmer.

To maximise the time invested, a structured process is used to table various issues, with all participants and coach asking clarifying questions before offering feedback, opinion and advice.

Guest speakers to be will also enhance your journey.

Diving Deeper into Your Church

All of us regularly experience challenges in our churches, but seldom do we get the time to strategically address them in a structured, thorough and efficient manner.

The Pastor’s Inner Circle meetings provide members the perfect platform to better analyse and assess opportunities or threats. The group will help you push beyond your current thinking and assist in getting to the bottom of what the real issues may be and deal with them skillfully.

The Hot Seat

Where the agenda is up to you.

In Pastors’ Inner Circle, no topic is off limits as long as you are willing to talk openly about the tough issues you are facing. Everyone will get an opportunity to sit in the Hot Seat.

Members will rally around you, listen, ask questions and are happy to share every resource they have to help you find solutions and seize opportunities.

Whether the issues are spiritual, relational, structural, regarding growth barriers etc. The Pastors’ Inner Circle is a confidential forum for experienced pastors who rely on each other for wisdom, support and advice.



8 Reasons To Join Pastors' Inner Circle Today

1. Work On Your Church

Become a more effective leader by working ON your Church and not IN your Church.

You strategically and purposely come aside each month to focus on the big picture and getting clarity and solutions.

2. Stop Feeling Isolated

Avoid being overwhelmed by the issues and challenges you face with a group of supportive and like-minded advisors.

3. Better Decision Making Skills

Different perspectives from fellow members, with various backgrounds and experience will broaden your thinking.

4. Trusted, Unbiased & Confidential

The Inner Circle introduces you to a group of peers that will become your most reliable source of counsel, feedback, wisdom and advice.

5. Achieve Personal & Professional Growth

Access the type of information that will help elevate your Church. Be transformed as an individual by gaining knowledge and confidence and grow as a professional.

Investing in your growth increases the capacity of the whole church. As you grow, so others around you grow. Investing in yourself is not selfish but selfless.

6. Increase Accountability for Your Actions

Your group and coach will ensure that any course of action you decide upon is realistic, achievable and measurable.

Accountability is the quickest way to change a habit and apply new knowledge.

7. Broaden Your Network

You will be interacting with Pastors who have experience, passion, and knowledge. T

There will be connections to people and resources that they will bring to you and the group.

8. Expanding Your Soul

Explore and implement practices that will support your spiritual growth and ministry.

As a group we will grapple with the spiritual formation issues that pastors face and provide resources to expand your spiritual capacity.

The Logistics

A minimum 12month commitment period
(a second year is offered)

Up to 12 new people in each cohort.

The dates are set by the group once the cohort is confirmed

The cohort meets 4 times per year, kicking off with an overnight retreat

$990 per annum +GST

enquire / enrol


Exceptional Facilitators / Coaches

The potential is enormous when you bring a dozen high performing leaders into a room.

The facilitator is crucial to ensure that the wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom is extracted and shared in the meeting.

The facilitators are exceptional leaders in their own right and will be bringing content to sharpen and strengthen your leadership skills.