Retention and Transition

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This research paper is the result of a core literature review of more than 60 books, articles, blogs and websites in the area of managing transitions in youth and children’s ministry, primarily sourced from Australia, England and North America. Statistical data documented in the paper was drawn from a number of sources both secular and Christian, including NCLS, ABS, McCrindle Research, the Barna Group and the United Nations Statistics Division.

The statistical findings of this paper were confirmed and complemented by an extensive field study questionnaire conducted with over 22 Youth and Children’s Ministers across all metropolitan regions in Sydney, as well as a number of in depth personal interviews with several senior experts and trainers in the field. For consistency of analysis and approach, the field questionnaire was specifically designed to correlate with the research framework used in the literature review.

It’s important to understand that this paper on ‘Retention and Transition’ is largely a ‘follow on’ from our original research piece specifically focusing on ‘Youth and Children’s Ministry’. Those who’ve read the first paper will recognise the re inclusion of some of the corresponding data and information relevant to the topic of ‘retention and transition’, that material has now been complemented by further research and corresponding new data, with specific implications for retention and managing transitions fleshed out. To further appreciate the contextual contours of the research outlined in this document it’s worthwhile to supplement this paper by also reading that foundational piece.

This paper is by no means designed to be an exhaustive analysis of the subject under question, but has been deliberately kept concise for the purposes of this project.

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